Think Innovative was born to allow new ideas and ambitious businesses to thrive and reach success.

Our support is bespoke and unique for each individual client - we help companies in creating added value for the supported project.

And with having people at our heart, engaging with customers, employees, stakeholders, academics, media or connectors, Think Innovative are able to recognise all the potential behind an idea, however big or small.

We combine good old fashioned creative thinking with modern devices and approaches, the latest tech and undiscovered routes to success.

This unique thinking is just such an approach to innovation.

Our Vision

Our business is converting your ideas into value. Whatever product, service or innovation you have in mind, we will deliver market impact for you.

Hard-wired for your success and a passion for innovative thinking – we make a positive difference to sales, reputation, market share or engagement with employees.

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The Directors

We like to make a difference to your business. Nothing we do is routine. Call us unique, call us boutique, call our approach maverick, but only sometimes please!

Please do call us – we love dialogue, we love challenges and our reward is delivering and sharing in your success.

John Atkinson

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Karen Large

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